Sample Translation – (Okinawa “Kids” Times) – Bullying

In Japan, bullying is serious stuff. It’s much worse than in North America. Entire classes gang together on one student. The recent death of student in Otsu has had the Newspapers, Schools and Board of Educations in a frenzy. The fact that the Board of Education denied the fact that there was any bullying was like throwing dry branches onto a fire. I hope you enjoy my translation.  – David

Title: All Bullying is 100% Bad.


Which do you think is worse? A bully, or someone who has been bullied?

Perhaps if you’re being bullied, you feel you have bad points about yourself. This is thought of some people, but being bullied is 100% bad.

Although it’s not always the case, strange things are happening. In reality sometimes there are facts that don’t make sense.

A 42-year-old woman tells her story about how she was bullied in the 2nd year of junior high. When she switched classes, the bullying stopped. Her confidence, her life, and when she looked at herself in her eyes, everything was the same. If being bullied is also bad, after she switched classes there would be something strange if the bullying continued when she changed classes.

To say it another way, a super star idol boy goes to a school. He is very attractive. Even when he switches classes, he is still attractive. He can switch to a far-away school and still be attractive. You may wonder why.  Well, his coolness comes from his confidence. In other words, attractiveness happens wherever he goes due to himself.  (In other words, he is attractive wherever he goes due to his own confidence).

However, the previous girl switching classes easily solved the problem. In addition, there a lot of students who switch schools which will stop the bullying.

Therefore, sometimes the reasons for bullying are an endless circle. If there is a bully, bullying will happen. If there aren’t any bullies, then there is no bullying.  If there was someone who was bullied, it was because there was a bully in the class. That’s just a fact.


Bullying is 100% bad. That’s all you need to remember.


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