Remarrying just got easier in Japan!

Remarrying in Japan just got easier.

In Japan, there held an archaic law that women must wait 6 months after their divorce until they are eligible to get remarried again. This law was enacted in the Meiji Era (1868 – 1912).

This carries many complications as if a couple who is already divorced in Japan has a child in the six month waiting period the son’s father name will be in the ex-husbands father’s name on the birth certificate of that child.

After a couple in their 20s filed a suit in the Tokyo District Court against the Japanese government they challenged the constitutionality of Article 733 of the Civil Code which prohibits women remarrying within six months after getting a divorce.

As of March 1st, 2016 women now only have to wait 100 days until they can legally remarry.

The original law was intended to reduce the occurrence of paternity disputes but has been criticised for restricting the behaviour of women and men.

Although the revision of the law is not enough to rectify Japan’s unfair law it does take away some of the burden of waiting so long before getting remarried.

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