Reissuing Documents in Japan

Reissuing Documents in Japan

If you are wondering how to retrieve your document reissued from a Japanese city office, we can help! With a power of attorney, we can obtain your document on your behalf. With just 4 steps explained below, you can get a new issue of your document without having to visit Japan.

【Overall Flow】

Step 1: Inquiry

Send us an email and let us know what type of document you are looking to get reissued and from which city office.

After confirming that we can retrieve it for you, we will ask you for additional information.

We will let you know the total price and approximately how long it will take for the documents to arrive.

Step 2: Payment

We accept credit card or PayPal.

Step 3: POA, etc.

After payment is confirmed, we will send you a Power of Attorney document for you to sign and send back.

We may ask for additional documents, as every city office has its own rules and requirements.

Step 4: Receive your document

We will send you your reissued documents via mail.

【Types of Documents you can get a Reissue of from the City Office】

– Certified Copy of Family Register for all family members (Koseki Tohon)

– Certified Copy of Family Register for an individual family member (Koseki Shohon)

– Certified Copy of Closed Family Register

– Certified Copy of Invalidated Family Register

– Certificate of Acceptance (Marriage, Divorce, Birth Certificate, etc.)

– Residence Certificate

– Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register

And more.

Contact us today for a full price quote.


David Higgins is a full time Japanese/English translation company owner located in Okinawa, Japan. David, his wife Hazuki and four employees and various freelancers of other languages run Okinawa Translator. They specialize in translation of all kinds of documents, technical manuals and on site interpreting for instructional safety classes with the military to family reunions. They have expanded their business all over Japan and overseas to serve customers in any location.

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