Reissue Documents

At Okinawa Translator we provide the service of retrieving newly issued original documents from anywhere in Japan on your behalf.

If you were married in Japan and you received a Japanese Marriage Certificate which has been lost, misplaced or you need a new version issued for an Apostille Stamp we can obtain the original for you.

To obtain a document for you we require specific detailed information and a copy of your passport or drivers license. The details needed for a newly issued marriage certificate or any other document are as follows:

– City Office location of marriage

(the most crucial piece of information)

– Both parties names (maiden name of wife)

– Both parties date of birth

– Marriage Date

  • Please take note that Japan does not have a central database of marital or document information so if you do not know or remember the exact location of which city office of where you were married we cannot guarantee that the city office will have your document.

In addition to obtaining legal documents from the city office, we are often requested to retrieve school records from Universities in Japan, so that they can be Apostille Stamped. This ensures that your credentials are recognized in other parts of the world.

If you would like more information on the process of reissuing documents on your behalf please contact us for more information on the procedure.