Okinawa Translator supports the fight against cancer

As stated in our Mission, Vision and Values, it is the vision of Okinawa Translator to connect and empower clients.  Not only is it of utmost importance for our team to provide impeccable service to our clients, but it is also just as important for us to give back to the community.

In accordance with our vision, Okinawa Translator supports the fight against cancer by donating, volunteering and raising awareness about cancer.

Our team’s family and millions of others in the world have been hit hard by cancer.

My maternal Grandmother passed away from breast cancer:






My paternal Grandmother (1923-1986) passed away from lung cancer:






My Mother (1947-2013) passed away from multiple myeloma:






My Father (1947-present) was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) in 2015:






This is why Okinawa Translator donates a portion of all of our proceeds to the Japanese Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Society & American Cancer Society.  When you use the service of Okinawa Translator, you are also contributing to the fight against cancer.

Message from the Owner – Dave (;

David Higgins is a full time Japanese/English translation company owner located in Okinawa, Japan. David, his wife Hazuki and four employees and various freelancers of other languages run Okinawa Translator. They specialize in translation of all kinds of documents, technical manuals and on site interpreting for instructional safety classes with the military to family reunions. They have expanded their business all over Japan and overseas to serve customers in any location.

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