Notary & Apostille

Okinawa Translator offers legal Japanese Notary Services and Apostille Stamp legalization.

Before you consider using our services please note that an Affidavit for Competency to Marry is only notarized by the US Embassy, Consulate or at a Military Legal Services Office.

What is a Japan issued Apostille Stamp and what is it used for?

If you were married or had a child in Japan you would be issued a legal document such as a Japanese marriage certificate or a Japanese birth certificate.

Documents issued in Japan would be in Japanese and you would need it translated into English or your home country language to report your marriage or birth of a child.

In most cases your home country would not understand what is written on the document you are providing and they would have to rely solely on the translation of it that you are providing.

This is where the Apostille Stamp adds the authentication that countries in the Hague Convention use to confirm that the document is and official document issued from Japan and not a forgery.

Below is an example of a legally document issued from Japan.

Next is that same document with an Apostille stamp that authenticates it from any type of forgery or reproduction.

Our company Okinawa Translator offers the service of Apostille authentication in Japan.

Please consider the following when sending us a document for authentication.

• The document must have a print date of within 3 months of issue. If the document is over the 3 month validity period we can obtain a reissue of that document for you even if you are outside of Japan.

To authenticate the document for an Apostille Stamp you must send us the original.

This is our mailing address:

David Vincent Higgins-Okinawa Translator
10-20, Station Minato 201, Minato, Chatan Town, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture, 904-0114, Japan
Phone Number: 050-5534-5965

Normal processing times for document Apostille is 5 -7 business days. If you would like to expedite the processing time to/from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office you can pay 2000YEN extra and decrease the time to 3-4 business days.

Once we receive the document we can translate it, if that is necessary and we will send you a PDF of the document with the Apostille stamp, then EMS courier you the hard copy.

Worldwide EMS courier usually takes 4 -7 business days for delivery depending on your location. The cost is 2500YEN.
If you have any more questions about our Apostille Stamp Services or any inquiries please contact us.

What is a Japanese Notary Stamp and what is it used for?

If you have a Japanese Private School University Diploma in English it cannot be Apostille Stamped. This type of document will need to be legalized by a Japanese Notary for use outside of Japan.

If the document is issued in English it will have to be translated into the Japanese. From this point our office must send the Japanese Notary a fax of the document to approve so that it can be notarized and that it meets Japanese Notary requirements. We offer translation services in Japanese, English and many other languages.

Once the Japanese Notary approves the document, it can then be notarized. We will set up an appointment at the Notary’s office to have the document notarized (an appointment can take up to 5 business days). Once the document is notarized we are required to bring the document to another Prefectural Judicial Head Legal Office at a different location for an additional notarization stamp.

This process is handled by our company Okinawa Translator and the normal processing time from the time of contact until you have the document notarized is about 10 business days.

From this point on we can mail you the notarized document via Worldwide EMS courier which usually takes about 4-7 business days depending on your location. The cost is 2500YEN. If you have any additional questions about our Japanese Notary Stamp Services or any other inquires please contact us at: 050-5534-5965 or email:

If you are searching for reliable professional interpreters, translations and legal services please contact Okinawa Translator Office by Email: or give our office a call anytime from 9-5 Monday to Friday closed Sat/Sun.

– Dave, Owner – Certified Translator/Interpreter/Project Manager

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