Marriage Process

The Legal Marriage Process in Japan

The steps to become legally married in Japan vary for each Nationality. We have resources available, please reference below for the listed Nationalities available in printable format and youtube videos that  explain the process.

Although the information is relevant and accurate we still need to inquire at the city office should you decide to get married.

We need to confirm that the requirements are still relevant and that the city office does not have any special additional requirements for that geographic area.

Nationality List ( click the link )

USA – PDF / Youtube

Russia – PDF / Youtube

Turkey – PDF / Youtube

Romanian – PDF / Youtube

UK/British – PDF / Youtube

New Zealand – PDF / Youtube

Italian – PDF / Youtube

Thailand – PDF / Youtube

Indonesia – PDF / Youtube

Canada – PDF / Youtube

Korea – PDF / Youtube

Philippine – PDF / Youtube

Australia – PDF / Youtube

Hong Kong – PDF / Youtube

Taiwan – PDF / Youtube

Nepal – PDF / Youtube

If you do not see the nationality you would like to know about on the list please inquire to us directly as we might have the information but have not put it on our list yet.

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