Japanese Marriage Certificates Vs. Hong Kong Marriage Certificates

Many Hong Kong Couples use our services to get legally married in Okinawa, Japan. I always ask each couple why they decided to get married here in Okinawa instead of back in Hong Kong. Most of the couples love Okinawa for it’s beautiful scenery and cleanliness compared to back home in Hong Kong so they decided that Okinawa would be a more romantic destination to get married.

Although one couple that both had been previously divorced gave me an intriguing answer to why they chose to get married in Japan. They told me that they didn’t like that there Hong Kong Marriage Certificate would indicate that they had been previously divorced and that the Japanese issued Marriage Certificate would not state that. After some research about Hong Kong marriage certificates I found some examples about how that actually looks on the Hong Kong Marriage Certificates. Take a look at the examples below:

If you are wondering what a spinster is, it is old English word for a unmarried women. It is actually a derogatory way of stating a woman is single and shouldn’t be used anymore but since it is such a detail orientated way of stating a person is single in a bureaucratic government system they probably will have a hard time changing it anytime soon.

Essentially the reason the last couple wanted to get married in Japan was because the Japanese marriage certificate below does not state any previous divorces and just the person who they are marrying which is more appealing in my view too. I wouldn’t want my current marriage certificate have to state my previous single or divorce status.

This is just another reason to come to Japan and get married in here in Okinawa. The marriage certificate will be issued with just the couples names on it and will not have any information on it about a previous divorce or a strange way of stating you are single.



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