Japanese/English Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

Japanese/English Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial / Postnuptial Agreement

▶What is a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial Agreement (or “Prenup”) is an agreement made between a couple in writing prior to their marriage.

▶Why do I want a prenup?

The main purpose of a prenup is to protect your belongings. This includes any and all large personal properties such as real estate, income, vehicles, cash savings, retirement plan, pension, inheritance, assets, bonds, etc. A prenup can also protect you from having to pay any debts that your future spouse has had since pre-marriage.

While many people may consider the sole purpose of prenups as just a way to protect their money/assets/inheritance, etc. upon divorce, “Lifestyle” clauses can also be added to avoid issues and protect your marriage.

For example, you can include clauses that state the sharing of chores, alimony, etc. Regarding protecting your assets, you may also include small personal belongings like TV, jewelries, mugs, and not just real estate or cash.

At Okinawa Translator, we provide you with a prenup that covers everything mentioned above.

You may not feel like discussing “if we ever got divorced” matters before marriage. However, deciding important matters or difficult topics way before things get stormy between the couple right before divorce can actually save you from a messy divorce procedure.

You can set rules and decisions fair to both you and your future spouse. By creating a prenup, you and your future spouse can also get a picture of each other’s financial status (debts, required payments from the previous marriage, monthly expenses, etc.) and opportunity to talk about family budgets/finances after marriage. In addition, discussing matters regarding children, pets, money, properties, infidelity, and other serious topics can provide opportunity to exchange thoughts and opinions on such matters with each other.

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