Okinawa Translator provides premier on-site translator/interpreter service in Okinawa, Japan.

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Interpreting at the Hospital – We offer three services for clients using a Japanese hospital in Okinawa:

  • Assistance in choosing the right hospital and making an appointment for you;

  • Professional translation of the hospital or doctor issued diagnoses, prescription(s), or observations from English to Japanese or vice versa;

  • “One on One” on-site interpreting with the physician at the hospital location.

We can help you choose the best health care option, familiarize you about hospitals in Okinawa, and understand what services they offer and specialize in. Please see Guide to Okinawa Hospitals.

Interpreting for Safety and Training Instruction – Our services include translation/completion of your safety and/or training courses:

  • Ensuring teaching materials, power point slides and tests are translated correctly;

  • Translation of large text books on the subject of safety and training;

  • Interpreting for your English speaking instructors in the classroom in Okinawa or any other military base in Japan.

Refer to Firefighting Training and Hazardous Material Safety for first-hand experience we have had with on-site interpreting and translating for firefighting training classes and hazardous material safety lessons.

Inheritance and Land Sale Assistance will be provided for your inheritance proceedings in Okinawa:

  • Adding your name to the “Family Registry of the Deceased” so that you qualify as a relative;

  • Avoiding costly lawyers in Okinawa and give you a low cost solution to settlements and inheritances using our services;

  • Introducing you to the low-cost reliable Housing & Land Agency that can sell your land with the most competitive rate and fees.

Interpreting at Family Court – Assist you at Family Court for legal proceedings mediating a divorce:

  • Complete the mediation application for divorce at Family Court;

  • Prepare the necessary documents after the application has been submitted;

  • Interpret at Family Court once your submission has been accepted;

  • Act as your liaison at family court;

  • Interpret on-site during the mediation process between yourself and the mediator who is in attendance at family court.

You can learn more about divorce in Japan and the options available to you on the website:

Interpreting for an Event, Personal Reason, Family, or with a Company – We have vast experience in interpreting under numerous circumstances including some of the instances noted below:

  • Email or phone a client, family or company to set up a time or ask a question;

  • Translate any documents or materials necessary to facilitate a meeting or get together;

  • Interpret “One on One” on site with you at a coffee shop, hotel, or at the office.

Read some of our satisfied clients’ reviews and about how we helped them bridge the gap of communication with families: Kairi and Rieko helping families.

Meet our interpreters

Rieko, born and raised on Miyako Island, she is our on-site interpreter and expert instructor. She is in charge of handling all our class and staff interpreting. She assists all customers seeking an interpreter to help with bi-lingual Japanese / English instructional classes. Reiko has been an English School Company owner for over 30 years and loves to enjoy a glass of Aomori in her free time like most Miyako Island people do.


Kairi, our linguist specialist born and raised in Okinawa City. She is our professional translator and interpreter. She is an expert translator between Japanese and English with vast experience with legal procedures and judicial scrivener tasks. Kairi went to the top schools in Okinawa and received her University Degree in Chicago. Kairi enjoys spending time with her husband, pets and listening to heavy metal!


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