Getting an Apostille Stamp for a document.

What is an apostille stamp?

An apostille stamp authenticates a government document so that the document can be effective in another country. Although the Japanese Apostille Stamp is only valid in countries in the Hague Convention of 1961.  ( Some countries that are not a part of this convention are Indonesia, Brazil and China ) The Apostille stamp is valid in most all English speaking countries.

How to get an Apostille Stamp in Japan?

A sealed apostille stamped document

Here is the official website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The instructions are in Japanese on the link above. Here are the instructions in English.

1. Original Document. ( CAUTION: EXPIRED IF OVER 3 MONTHS OLD  ).
2. Fill out the application form.
3. Japanese ID card, Japanese Drivers License, a residency document from the city office.
4. If someone else apply’s for this document for you, fill out this.
5. Add and extra envelope, with stamp and home address.
There are two offices which an apostille stamp can be issued from, Tokyo and Osaka. Below are their phone numbers.
Tokyo Ministry of Foreign Affairs
03-3580-3311 ext. 2308 or 2855
Osaka Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Okinawa Translator can act as your Power of Attorney and fill out the Japanese  application form allowing you to get your document Apostille stamped easily.
Just contact us for further information as we have a lot of experience helping customers get their documents certified.


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