City Offices to get married in Okinawa, Japan.

Depending on your location on Okinawa this will determine which city office you will be eligible to submit your applicable required documents for marriage in Okinawa. When you use our translation services at Okinawa Translator we will make sure that you submit your documents to a city office that will offer the smoothest experience so that you will have a special marriage day without any hassle or stress.

If you are stationed on Kadena Air Base, living there will allow you to attend either the Chatan Town Office which is outside of Kadena Gate 1 or the Okinawa City Office which is outside of Gate 2 of Kadena.

These two city offices have experience with marrying US service members and have basic English language ability that can help you with the marriage process. However, should you have questions or concerns and/or have any difficulty communicating with the staff at the city office our office will provide you with language assistance.

If you are located on Camp Foster or Futenma Air Base you are in the jurisdiction of the Ginowan City Office. This office also has experience with US service members getting married.  They also are equipped with staff that have basic English language ability in addition to thoroughly understanding the requirements that US service members must provide to get married in Okinawa.

Other city offices outside this central area such as the Naha City Office, Urasoe City Office, Yomitan Village Office, or the Kin Town Office accept US service members who would like to get married.  However, quite often more documentation is required to be translated, an on-site interpreter or the staff are unfamiliar with the required documentation for marriage. Okinawa Translator can confirm and call ahead of time so that your experience at these city offices goes smoother or we can send you to another city office with less restrictions.

Consult Okinawa Translator to assist in choosing the best city office for your marriage.

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