Step by Step Apostille in Japan (Education Related Documents)

Step by Step Apostille in Japan (Education Related Documents)

Step by Step Apostille in Japan (Education Related Documents)

If you have a document you need Apostille authenticated such as a Diploma or Transcript to prove your credentials for another school you are applying to or for the purpose of submission to another country, Okinawa Translator can help.

The first step is to send us the document to review over. You can do this by scanning the document or taking some nice photos and sending it to us by e-mail.

Currently all universities in Japan are switching from public entities to private entities, so the process of Apostille has now changed since the start of this trend in 2018.

Under the previous rules, we could directly authenticate the documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the documents were issued from a public authority. That is no longer the case with Education-related Documents.

The steps now require us to notarize the document first in person. This notarization is by appointment only and takes us roughly 1-2 weeks to complete this step depending on the notary office’s schedule.

Next, we must take those same documents that have been notarized and go to the legal bureau and have them authenticate the documents. From this point, it is now ready to be Apostille authenticated.

These additional steps now extend the procedures turnaround time from an estimated one week to now three weeks.  

If you need your education documents, such as your diploma, transcripts, or graduation certificates apostille authenticated, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you with the procedure.

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