A book we translated.

Here is a book we recently translated for Fredrick Martin. This book showcases Okinawa manhole covers in Okinawa and Miyako Island. There was an enormous amount of work and research put into this book allowing us to see how Okinawa foundry makers design each manhole cover with highlights of each city, town, or district. I was honored to translate this book for Fredrick Martin from English to Japanese and learned so much more about Okinawa culture while translating it. The book is a must have for people who want an in depth look about Okinawa culture. After you read this book and start to walk down the street you will be on the look out for the manhole covers to see the designs that city,town or district wanted to highlight.

This full color 42 page book is packed with beautiful photos of Okinawa scenes, culture, food, local people and of course, Okinawa street covers.

It’s available on Lulu.com in Japanese or English for 15$.  Just search Okinawa Street Covers.

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David Higgins is a full time Japanese/English translation company owner located in Okinawa, Japan. David, his wife Hazuki and four employees and various freelancers of other languages run Okinawa Translator. They specialize in translation of all kinds of documents, technical manuals and on site interpreting for instructional safety classes with the military to family reunions. They have expanded they’re business all over Japan and overseas to serve customers in any location.

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