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US passport holders married before November 9th, 1989 with a Japanese marriage certificate.

US passport holders, married in Japan, and reports of marriage that were submitted to the US Consulate or Embassy in Japan before November 9th, 1989 the record of your Certificate of Witness of Marriage Abroad is not on file at

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The meaning and origins of the design on your Japanese Marriage Certificate.

Among many Chinese traditions that have been introduced to Japan, it is said that “the origin of certificates” was introduced by China. The symbol of “Chinese Phoenixes” were used on ornamental frames for official letters and honorable mentions for personnel

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ATA (American Translators Association) & JAT (Japan Association of Translators)

Okinawa Translator is a certified member of the ATA (American Translators Association) & JAT (Japan Association of Translators) The American Translators Association is the largest association of professional translators and interpreters in the United States. Okinawa Translator is proud to

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Okinawa Translator interpreters reunite families!

In the month of November both of our interpreters went on-site at two locations to reunite family members from the USA and Okinawa. Miyako was sent to the Hyatt Hotel in Okinawa where she met our client and interpreted both

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