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The meaning and origins of the design on your Japanese Marriage Certificate.

Among many Chinese traditions that have been introduced to Japan, it is said that “the origin of certificates” was introduced by China. The symbol of “Chinese Phoenixes” were used on ornamental frames for official letters and honorable mentions for personnel

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How to get married in Kyoto

Hi, I’m David Higgins and I’m a legal translator in Japan. Okinawa Translator has been operational since 2012 and we specialize our translation and interpreting skills on legal marriages anywhere in Japan. We are a home-based business with my wife

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How to get married in Japan – Nepali Passport Holders

Hi, I am David Higgins, a legal translator in Okinawa, Japan and I am going to clearly explain how to get married in Japan for those who are Nepali Passport Holders. First off, let’s clarify that getting legally married in

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