This is a recent narration job that we did with Pera College in Vancouver. We offer narration service in English or Japanese along with subtitles if needed. You can choose between a male or female voice.最近、私たちが通訳ナレーションをしたビデオを紹介します。カナダバンクーバーのぺラ大学を宣伝しているビデオです。私たちは、英語または日本語の通訳ナレーションサービスを字幕付きで、お客様のニーズに応じて提供しています。ナレーターは、男性または女性どちらでも選択できます。

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When you are living in Okinawa and you would like your spouse or family to qualify for your O.H.A. (Overseas Housing Allowance)then you are going to need to translate your Japanese Rental Agreement to English. The Japanese Rental Agreement is …

Translating your Japanese Rental Agreement to English for your O.H.A. (Overseas Housing Allowance) Read more »

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In Japan, bullying is serious stuff. It’s much worse than in North America. Entire classes gang together on one student. The recent death of student in Otsu has had the Newspapers, Schools and Board of Educations in a frenzy. The …

Sample Translation – (Okinawa “Kids” Times) – Bullying Read more »

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Lately the Senkaku or Diaoyu Islands has been in the newspaper headlines. Japan and China are battling it out for the natural resources that lay beneath them. The islands didn’t mean much until 1968 when a private company discovered a …

Sample Translation – Japanese to English (Okinawa Times) Read more »

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American citizens living in Okinawa who need to file taxes back in America may need a translated copy of their family registry. A translated copy of your family registry may also come in handy if you have Japanese children and …

Getting your Family Registry translated. Read more »

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