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Lately the Senkaku or Diaoyu Islands has been in the newspaper headlines. Japan and China are battling it out for the natural resources that lay beneath them. The islands didn’t mean much until 1968 when a private company discovered a vast amount of natural oil reserve below. Enjoy the translation. – David

Okinawa Prefecture – Senkaku Island Chains

 From the front Minamikojima, Kitakojima, Diaoyu. = September 2nd

The Nationalized Senkaku Islands are purchased from owners for approximately 2 billion yen.

Okinawa Prefecture Government-On September 5th an agreement was made with the landowners of the Senkaku Islands for 250 billion yen. During this month a contract will be signed, and a meeting will open the ministries official residence, this is the policy of the reserve fund to confirm the purchase and nationalization said Government Officials.

Governor Shintaro Ishihara in Tokyo stated that the country’s plan, to reinforce the regime will inevitable face criticism.The claim for sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands will ignite more opposition from China and Taiwan.

According to officials, landowners and government officials agreed to consult for three days. In order to avoid stimulating opposition from the Chinese side, the capital confirmed not to construct a fishing shelter facility.

(Kyodo News)


尖閣の国有化合意 地権者から約20億円で購入





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