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Japanese Marriage Certificates Vs. Hong Kong Marriage Certificates

Many Hong Kong Couples use our services to get legally married in Okinawa, Japan. I always ask each couple why they decided to get married here in Okinawa instead of back in Hong Kong. Most of the couples love Okinawa for

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Contractor Assistance

Okinawa Translator provides services for your company that can greatly increase the advantage that you will have when negotiating a winning bid or sourcing a local company with competitive pricing for projects and/or proposals. We will conduct searches for companies

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How to get married in Japan – Canadian Passport Holders

Hi, I am David Higgins, a legal translator in Okinawa, Japan and I am going to clearly explain how to get married in Japan for those individuals who are Canadian passport holders. First of all, let’s clarify that getting legally

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How to get legally married in Okinawa, Japan – Downloadable PDF

Download the information booklet on how to get legally married in Okinawa, Japan : How to get legally Married Step by Step Booklet

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Product Review with Japanese subtitles

At Okinawa Translator we offer translation, interpreting and subtitling for companies seeking to reach a customer or client. Recently, we received a request from a camera manufacture in China to review their new model in English with Japanese subtitles. In

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Interpretation Work with Japanese & US Military Fire Departments

The past 7 weeks, Our Interpreter worked with the fire department on military installation bases across Japan. Did you know that the firefighters working for the U.S. military bases are local Japanese trained civilians and the Japanese fire department sets

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Getting Married in Japan for Australian Passport Holders

If you are an Australian passport holder and would like to get married in Japan and have received your Japanese Marriage Certificate issued by a city office in Japan, there are several simple steps that you must fulfill in order

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Retrieving your legal documents from Okinawa (Or any other locations in Japan)

Are you located in Brazil, Saipan, Guam, Germany, China, Korea, Philippines, USA or basically any country in the world outside of Japan? Are you in need of retrieving a document or documents from Japan such as a Family Register, Birth

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Remarrying just got easier in Japan!

In Japan, there held an archaic law that women must wait 6 months after their divorce until they are eligible to get remarried again. This law was enacted in the Meiji Era (1868 – 1912). This carries many complications as

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– Examples of our Medical Document translations.

Are you looking for a translation service for medical documents? Okinawa Translator offers professional translation services for medical documents for you and your family members. Below are some of the examples of medical documents translations that we offer: We translate

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