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David Higgins is a full time Japanese/English translation company owner located in Okinawa, Japan. David, his wife Hazuki and four employees and various freelancers of other languages run Okinawa Translator. They specialize in translation of all kinds of documents, technical manuals and on site interpreting for instructional safety classes with the military to family reunions. They have expanded their business all over Japan and overseas to serve customers in any location.

US passport holders married before November 9th, 1989 with a Japanese marriage certificate.

US passport holders, married in Japan, and reports of marriage that were submitted to the US Consulate or Embassy in Japan before November 9th, 1989 the record of your Certificate of Witness of Marriage Abroad is not on file at

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The meaning and origins of the design on your Japanese Marriage Certificate.

Among many Chinese traditions that have been introduced to Japan, it is said that “the origin of certificates” was introduced by China. The symbol of “Chinese Phoenixes” were used on ornamental frames for official letters and honorable mentions for personnel

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How to get married in Kyoto

Hi, I’m David Higgins and I’m a legal translator in Japan. Okinawa Translator has been operational since 2012 and we specialize our translation and interpreting skills on legal marriages anywhere in Japan. We are a home-based business with my wife

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How to get married in Japan for Malaysian Passport Holders

Hi, I’m David Higgins, a legal translator in Okinawa, Japan and I am going to explain how to get married in Japan for people who are Malaysian Passport Holders. Getting married in Japan requires legal paper work only. Any celebration,

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We Authenticate Documents at the Portuguese Embassy in Japan

At Okinawa Translator we assist customers with authenticating their documents at the Portuguese Embassy and Consulates in Japan. We can also reissue that official document prior to having it authenticated by the Portugal Embassy or Consulate in Japan. In addition,

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Thank you everyone!

Hazuki and I would like to thank all the people writing positive reviews for our business and for everyone using our services over the years, it means a lot to us. We appreciate it all and are very thankful! 🙏>>>>>>

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Helping Nepal Citizens Living in Japan with Translation Services.

Okinawa Translator offers translation services for Nepali Passport Holders living in Japan. We specialize in: Helping Nepali clients get married at the Japanese City Office Translation of legal documents Do I have to be located in Okinawa? No, we offer

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Marriage Anywhere in Japan

Okinawa Translator can assist with a legal marriage at any city office that allows two foreign nationals to marry. Our service extends to customers located in various  villages, towns or cities across  Japan. If you plan to marry anywhere in

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How to complete a Konin Todoke Form / Japanese Marriage Application

Regardless of your nationality or passport, to get legally married in Japan you need to have a Konin Todoke Form/ Japanese Marriage Application completed. A Japanese Marriage Application Form from the city office looks like this:  At the Okinawa Translator

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Authentication of Japanese documents at the Taiwan Consulate, Taiwan Embassy or the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

  Hi, I’m David Higgins, and I am a legal translator in Japan. I am going to explain our authentication and legalization services for the Taiwan Consulate, Embassy and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Japan. Okinawa Translator offers the

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