Proxy Marriage in Okinawa, Japan. (If one party cannot attend in person)

Proxy Marriage in Okinawa, Japan. (If one party cannot attend in person)

This step by step guide will allow you to get legally married on Okinawa, Japan without both parties being physically present at the city office when performing the legal marriage.

Due to some travel restrictions some parties would like to legally marry but cannot physically be here to do it.

If one party is Japanese National or both parties are US Nationals (or other Nationalities) the procedure can still be completed at the city office with the necessary documents.

In the case one party is a Japanese National and the other party is a US National the process would be as follows:

The US National will need to obtain the following documents:

-Single Affidavit w/ notarized stamp from a notary officer located in the USA.

-Birth Certificate


All of the above documents (except for the passport in most cases

) will need to be translated from English to Japanese. This part of the procedure can be handled by our office – Okinawa Translator Office. (

Once all the documentation is prepared (originals sent to Japan) the other Japanese party (fiancé) can complete the Marriage Application otherwise called the Konin Todoke Yoshi, this is available at our office or the city office.

This Marriage Application needs to be completed in Japanese so it will be handled by the Japanese National to whom the US National is marrying.

The US National only has to sign the document which can be done by it being physically mailed to the USA and then sent back to Japan so it can be used at the city office when reporting the marriage.

On the marriage application you will need to have two witnesses.  (My wife and I will be your witnesses on the marriage application and because we are Japanese 

residents we physically don’t have to be there at the city office when you get married.)

Once all the documentation is submitted to the city office they will process the marriage and you will receive an official Japanese Marriage Certificate.

This marriage certificate will not have any specification of it being a proxy marriage. It will look exactly the same style, layout, and details as a normal marriage certificate they issue to all couples who get married in Japan.

If you need any help with this procedure please consult our office by calling us directly here: 050-5534-5965 or by e-mailing us here:

David Higgins is a full time Japanese/English translation company owner located in Okinawa, Japan. David, his wife Hazuki and four employees and various freelancers of other languages run Okinawa Translator. They specialize in translation of all kinds of documents, technical manuals and on site interpreting for instructional safety classes with the military to family reunions. They have expanded their business all over Japan and overseas to serve customers in any location.

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